Nikki Howard's Barbie Cake- Sweet Talks Ep. 8

I hope I am not the only one who never had a barbie cake when I was a kid. Nikki told me her nostalgic dessert was Barbie cake. I was like....what? But, once I looked up what she meant I was so excited to make it with her.

I am going to give you my tips for decorating a barbie cake.

Tip #1: Obtain a Barbie (lol) - but actually. I did not have a barbie, I had to order one.

Tip #2: measure her legs, but I've found that 3, 6inch round cakes are the perfect height when stacked. This is actually the amount 1 box cake makes.

Tip #3 - leave the top layer with it's dome (don't level it) it gives the perfect shape for a "dress"

Tip #4: crumb coat your cake (add a layer of frosting to your cake to keep all the crumbs in) [see video for a demonstration] and cool in fridge for 20 minutes -- then cut a hole large enough for the barbie to fit in the middle of the cake

Tip #5: Use a Wilton 1M tip to make rosettes

HOW TO: to make a rosette, start in the middle of your surface area, apply pressure to the piping bag, and then swirl outward in a tight circle and then stop. [see video for visual demonstration].

Tip #6: as you get higher on the "dress" make your rosettes smaller for depth.

These are some tips I showed Nikki in our episode of Sweet Talks, you can watch the whole episode below and get a visual demonstration of the Barbie cake + an awesome conversation about mental health and Nikki's career.

Watch full episode here:

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