Mister O's

This is a PSA for anyone who wants a new go-to brunch spot with amazing ambiance and even more impressive food. Mister O's is the place to try... and then go back to at least 4 times in the next month (as you can see, I loved it). 

First, the decor rocked. Imagine the 70's time traveled to 2019. Modern 70's homey glam. I am pretty sure that style doesn't exist, but Mister O's created it, and mastered it. There is patio seating to enjoy the beautiful California weather, or indoor if you wan't a comfy booth. Not only is it gorgeous from corner to corner, but the staff is sweet as can be and will make your brunch/lunch/dinner memorable. 

Enough about the ambiance, although I could talk about it for hours, it is time to talk about the star of brunch.. THE FOOD. 

Recommendations (see photos below): 

1. Jam on Toast - Beautifully crisp Focaccia topped with a delicate, tangy Mascarpone Cheese spread, adorned with a blueberry jam and tangerines. Highly recommend getting as a side or a starter to share. It was truly a thoughtful dish by chef, Oscar Torres. 

2. Chilaquiles - I have a thing about chilaquiles, I only like them a certain way... and people... Mister O's pulverized my expectations and I will dream about these bad boys for at least a week. The egg is laid on top of the, still semi-crispy chips that are covered in a thin layer of spices and salsa. 

3. Green Eggs and Ham - I DO VERY MUCH LIKE IT, SAM I AM. (I hope you all got the children's book reference). The flavor profile of this dish is superb. You get the smokey-ness from the bacon, the southwest kick from the spices, the slight crunch of the potatoes, and pair it all with the thick, perfectly toasted bread, unreal. 

4. Pancakes - pillows of fluffy pancakes topped with blueberry jam, whipped topping, and syrup on the side to pour as you please. They are so light and cloud-like, you could take a nap on them! Perfect sweet breakfast. 

Overall, if y'all have not gone over to Mister O's for brunch, it is A MUST. Thank me later. 

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